Pizza Inn inks 50-unit deal for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Pizza Inn has announced a major franchise agreement with Blessings Basket Company for Serving Food to expand its footprint in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The 50-unit deal will kick off with the opening of the first two locations this month, according to a press release.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Pizza Inn for Saudi Arabia and have full confidence that together we will further establish the brand as a household name across the kingdom,” Mohammed Al-Rubayan, CEO of Blessings Basket Company, said in the release. “The team at Pizza Inn have been incredible partners throughout this process, and our shared commitment to excellence, passion for authentic pizza and dedication to creating memorable moments for our customers makes this collaboration special.”

Blessing Basket Company plans to debut five additional locations each year for the next decade in cities across Saudi Arabia.

“Partnering with Blessings Basket Company to bring Pizza Inn to an even larger audience in Saudi Arabia is a great honor,” Brandon Solano, CEO of RAVE Restaurant Group, parent company to Pizza Inn, said in the release. “We are confident Blessings Basket Company will bring our brand to life as we bolster our presence in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and introduce Pizza Inn to new markets — serving up our something-for-everyone menu with the level of quality that has made us America’s Hometown Pizza Buffet, and a family favorite for more than 65 years.”

Pizza Inn operates more than 110 restaurants in the United States and 19 in international markets.

SOURCE: pizzamarketplace.com

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