Tealive – Always more than tea

Tealive, a pioneer in the realm of tea-based beverages, shines through its diverse range encompassing bubble tea, smoothies, coffee, and artisanal snacks. As the preeminent and rapidly burgeoning bubble tea retailer in South East Asia, Tealive has solidified an impressive footprint, with a remarkable presence spanning over 900 stores across 8 countries worldwide. Backed by an exceptional history, Tealive joyfully serves a monthly clientele exceeding 5 million patrons.

Tealive, the forefront lifestyle tea label in Southeast Asia, has attained remarkable milestones since its inception in Malaysia in 2017. Boasting a network of over 900 establishments and an expansive global strategy, Tealive has evolved into a symbol of contemporary tea culture, with aspirations to attain 1,000 outlets by 2024.

Delivering a comprehensive menu encompassing milk tea, smoothies, chocolate, and coffee, Tealive caters to diverse tastes across the globe. Tealive currently operates in Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, Mauritius, Myanmar, Philippines and Vietnam.

Bryan Loo, the visionary entrepreneur behind Tealive, has propelled the brand into prominence. Under his leadership, Loob Holding has grown into one of Malaysia’s foremost F&B enterprises, fueled by a dedicated team affectionately known as the “Loobies.” Bryan’s ventures extend to include Bask Bear Coffee and various other F&B ventures, underlining his unwavering commitment to innovation and expansion.

Source: TheFranchiseTalk

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