Tous les Jours enters Canada

Tous les Jours, a French-Asian bakery serving over 300 artisan pastries, cakes and desserts, has planted a flag in Calgary, Canada, marking its entry into its eighth country.

“Following our 100th U.S. opening and the announcement of our first North American factory, we are ready to debut Tous les Jours in The Great White North and continue growing the brand throughout the Western Hemisphere,” Tony Hunsoo Ahn, CEO of Tous les Jours International, said in a company press release. “Calgary is an advanced and trend-conscious city, so we are confident that locals and visitors will embrace and grow to love our unique French-Asian menu items that deliver comfort cravings as well as trendy and innovative treats.”

Tous les Jours is on pace to open over 20 locations in North America in 2023 and has inked over 50 development deals to continue expansion into new markets. The bakery is also set to open its first North American factory in Gainesville, Georgia.

“Tous les Jours has enjoyed rapid expansion throughout the U.S. over the last few years, and we view Canada as a country of great opportunity for existing and potential franchisees looking to bring the brand’s unique bakery and café offerings to new and welcoming communities,” Sam Hong, business development manager at Tous les Jours, said in the release. “We are planning to open new locations in Vancouver and Toronto, following the opening of our Calgary branch. Furthermore, we have ongoing expansion plans focused on the Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario regions.”

Source: Fast Casual

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