Wetzel’s Pretzels expands Canadian footprint with Toronto store

Wetzel’s Pretzels has opened a location in Toronto’s Union Station, according to a press release.

The unit is owned by Montreal-based MTY Food Group, Inc. (MTY), utilizing MTY’s Canadian development team. Over the next 12 months, Wetzel’s aims to significantly expand the size of its Canadian footprint.

“I have been in Toronto’s food scene for over 10 years, so bringing Wetzel’s into Toronto was a big achievement of mine and the brands,” Bruce Liu, franchisee of Wetzel’s in Toronto Union Station, said in the release. “With Wetzel’s as my new business endeavor, I really wanted to tap into the local catering and snacking phenomenon that Wetzel’s has already established as a brand. This strategic opening aligns with my dedication to introducing innovative and appealing street-originated food concepts to my local community. I anticipate further expansion in Canada along with my dedicated team.”

“As we continue to develop our international footprint, we couldn’t be more confident in Bruce’s ability to thrive in Toronto,” Jon Fischer, head of development at Wetzel’s, said in the release. “Bruce is a fantastic example of the dedicated, high-quality operators we’re looking for both domestically and internationally. As we reach new pretzel enthusiasts, we’re eager to see the positive response from the community and reach more people in this new market.”

Wetzel’s Pretzels operates almost 400 bakeries.

Source: QSR Web

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