Abu Dhabi Welcomes the Arrival of Japanese Fitness Studio Dr. Stretch

The Japanese fitness phenomenon, Dr. Stretch, has expanded its reach to Abu Dhabi, unveiling its innovative one-on-one assisted stretching sessions at a new studio. Stretching is a universal practice, from morning routines to office breaks, but Dr. Stretch introduces a unique approach.

Hailing from Japan, Dr. Stretch has achieved acclaim with its proprietary techniques, operating in 230 locations across Japan, and branching out to Malaysia, Singapore, China, and Taiwan. The recent launch in Abu Dhabi marks its inaugural venture beyond East Asia. Nestled within Shams Boutik on Al Reem Island, the studio aims to acquaint people with the transformative potential of stretching.

Dr. Stretch’s patented methods can access muscles typically beyond one’s reach. Their signature “Core Balance Stretch,” designed to target inner muscles, originated with Genki Yamaguchi, a former Boston Red Sox trainer. This technique blends dynamic movements, rhythmic vibrations, and targeted range of motion exercises to provide profound muscle stretching. The outcome includes enhanced balance, strength, flexibility, and a revitalized sense of energy.

Since opening in Abu Dhabi, Dr. Stretch has attracted a diverse clientele, encompassing various ages and fitness levels. Some seek to address specific issues stemming from sedentary office lifestyles. Sessions, lasting up to 90 minutes, take place in a gym-like environment with personalized attention from stretch trainers. The experience combines elements of sports massage and chiropractic care, making it particularly beneficial for individuals with back pain or stiffness, though it caters to all seeking the advantages of Dr. Stretch’s innovative approach.

Source: The Franchise Talk

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