Curry Up Now U.K. Master Franchise Deal

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Curry Up Now has just completed a 60-unit deal to bring the brand across the U.K. with  British entrepreneur and seasoned multi-unit QSR operator, Haj Atwal, seasoned multi-unit franchisee. The brand, which originated in the culinary hotbed of the San Francisco Bay Area, specializes in Indian Street Food Classics.

“Everyone loves Indian food, but typically has to go to an old school Indian restaurant or takeaway to get it. This characterful, cheeky brand brings a fun and unexpected twist on Indian cuisine, and we see it as a potential disruptor/consolidator in the Indian food space. The ‘naughty naan’, the ‘sexy fries’, along with the cocktails from the bar, Mortar & Pestle, are examples of the playful nature of the brand which we love and we think others will too.”  said Haj Atwal, seasoned multi-unit QSR operator. “At the heart of our strategy lies a commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience. Our goal is to make customers feel like they’re visiting old friends in a new place that consistently exudes freshness, and Curry Up Now perfectly embodies this approach.”

“Who would have thought when we first started in 2009 that we’d be opening stores in the UK.” said Curry Up Now CEO Akash Kapoor. “Haj and his extensive team bring operational & real estate knowledge to the brand. They are a proven group who have opened 100+ stores making them an ideal partner for this expansion into the UK.”

Founded as a food truck by husband-and-wife duo, Akash and Rana Kapoor, Curry Up Now has seen an increasing demand for its fresh, flavorful ingredients and menu items that offer an innovative spin on traditional Indian cuisine. With menu items that include Burritos, Bowls, an Indian Pizza called The Naugty Naan, a poutine called Sexy Fries, Indian Street Food Classics and some other fan favorites like the Deconstructed Samosa, Kathi Rolls and Thali Platters, Curry Up Now differentiates itself by presenting authentic Indian flavors in a friendly, recognizable format that supports halal, keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free diets, and uses locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

Source: Franchising.com

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