Domino’s Pizza plans 420 stores in China after Hong Kong IPO

Following its recent initial public offering in Hong Kong, Domino’s Pizza’s exclusive master franchisee in the China Mainland, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China, and Macau Special Administrative Region of China plans to open a total of 420 outlets on the Mainland in two years.  

DPC Dash stated that it plans to open 180 new Domino’s restaurants in 2023 and 240 new outlets in 2024.  

The HK$626.7m raised by the group when it became a publicly traded company trading on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange under the new stock symbol “1405.HK” on March 28 will drive the enormous development plan. 

DPC Dash stated that it intends to use about 90% of the net revenues from its Hong Kong IPO to grow its shop network beyond its present 600+ outlets over the next few years. DPC Dash intends to open over 180 new stores in 2023 and 240 new stores in 2024. In addition, the company intends to open between 200 and 300 new stores in 2025 and 2026. 

“The recent listing was a great achievement for DPC Dash as well as for our global franchisor, Domino’s Pizza. With the newly raised proceeds, we aim to aggressively expand across the greater China region and to bring our comprehensive product offerings to hundreds of millions of potential Chinese consumers. We are excited for consumers across China to taste our handcrafted quality pizza at an attractive value proposition,” states Frank Paul Krasovec, Director and Chairman of DPC Dash. 

Source: The Franchise Talk

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