German Doner Kebab launches North American expansion

German Doner Kebab (GDK) has announced its ambitious growth plans for the U.S. as it prepares to open 12 new locations. Following the launch of its first U.S. site at American Dream Mall in New Jersey in 2021, GDK has revealed that it will open a restaurant every month this year, with Astoria in Queens, New York, opening in February.

Three new sites are expected to launch in the first quarter of 2023, which include Midtown Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Sugar Land in Houston, Texas.

In the next months, GDK will open outlets in Westfield, New Jersey; Frisco, Texas; Brighton Beach, Brooklyn; Houston Heights, Houston; Boston, Massachusetts; Surrey, Vancouver BC, and Mississauga, Ontario. Two additional sites are expected to open their doors this year.

This expansion will grow GDK’s footprint in Canada, where it has restaurants in Toronto, Ottawa and Surrey. GDK has a development pipeline of 65 units throughout North America, with plans to have over 500 sites in the next ten years.

Mark Treptow, franchise director of GDK for North America, is supporting this growth, bringing valuable experience having worked with highly profiled brands such as Five Guys Burgers, The Halal Guys, Freshii, and Rise Biscuits & Chicken.

GDK is revolutionizing the kebab across the globe, bringing a fresh, high-quality taste sensation that has made it the go-to place to enjoy a kebab. Freshly prepared in front of customers in an open kitchen, the kebabs combine premium, lean, succulent meats and fresh local vegetables, served on handmade toasted bread with unique signature sauces.

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, the brand has grown in the U.K., Sweden and the Middle East. It is now rapidly expanding in the U.S. and Canada and across other key locations in Europe, with over 140 restaurants worldwide.

The brand has also recently signed up some major franchise partners to support its global expansion plans. Atul Pathak, formerly McDonald’s biggest UK franchise partner, sold his portfolio and joined up with GDK in 2022. Maristo Hospitality, one of the fastest-growing hospitality groups in the Middle East region, has also acquired the GDK master franchise for U.A.E.

Nigel Belton, managing director for North America, says: “We have big plans for the U.S. and Canada. We are extremely happy to announce our growth plans to open 12 new restaurants in 2023, with a greater GDK vision of over 500 sites in the next 10 years.

“American Dream Mall in New Jersey has been an anchor location for us in the U.S. It has provided us with a launchpad to develop new and exciting locations like Astoria in Queens, Midtown Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Sugar Land, Houston, as we continue to expand in key states across North America.”

He adds: “The next 12 months will prove to be a landmark in our story. We aim to expand our footprint and bring the unique GDK experience to more consumers in the U.S. and Canada, as we build the fast-casual brand of the future.”

Source: Global-Franchise

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