Happi Tea – Happiness in a cup

Happi Tea, a young F&B brand, has been spreading happiness in a cup since its establishment in 2017 in Saigon. Boasting an impressive presence, it currently operates an extensive network of 130 stores across 33 provinces throughout Vietnam. The core purpose of Happi Tea is to bring happiness to people’s lives through its diverse range of tea-based offerings, including delectable milk teas, refreshing fruit teas, and other delightful beverages.

The brainchild of two enterprising individuals, Ly Tan Tai (Justin) and Tran Nhat Vu (Harry), Happi Tea came into being with a strong vision to craft exceptional tea-based drinks of the highest quality. Their shared passion for the art of tea led them to create a brand that stood out from the crowd, offering a captivating array of flavors and an unparalleled customer experience. Within a short span of two years, Happi Tea swiftly expanded from a solitary tea shop to an impressive network of 80 locations, establishing a dedicated and growing customer base. This remarkable growth can be attributed to Happi Tea’s unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Always striving to exceed expectations, Happi Tea relentlessly seeks new avenues to delight its customers and further extend its reach within Vietnam and beyond.

As a brand deeply rooted in Vietnam, Happi Tea has become synonymous with quality and enjoyment. Its exceptional offerings have captivated the taste buds of tea enthusiasts throughout the nation. Nevertheless, Happi Tea is not content with confining its success solely to Vietnam. With an ambitious vision, the brand aspires to extend its presence internationally, seeking to bring happiness to tea lovers across the globe.

Source: TheFranchiseTalk

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