KFC China opens its 10,000th store

Yum China has opened its 10,000th KFC China. Situated in Hangzhou, the store is located on the banks of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, a historically important link connecting northern and southern China, according to a press release.

Since opening its first store in Beijing in 1987, KFC has grown into the country’s largest QSR brand in terms of system sales.

“As the first western QSR restaurant brand in China to reach this incredible milestone, KFC China’s 10,000th store opening is a proud moment for all of us, demonstrating the brand’s deep bond with Chinese consumers across generations for over 36 years. Strategically positioned for sustained growth, KFC China stands to benefit from its large and rapidly expanding store network, substantial economies of scale, and access to an even broader customer base,” Joey Wat, CEO of Yum China, said in the release. “Presently serving just one-third of China’s population, our goal is for KFC China to reach over half by 2026. By leveraging our solid foundation of success and tremendous untapped potential for future growth, we are confident that KFC China will continue to be China’s leading restaurant brand for many years to come.”

“In pursuit of our ambitious growth targets, we are committed to establishing KFC China as the preferred daily choice for an increasingly diverse customer base,” Warton Wang, general manager of KFC China, said in the release. “KFC China remains at the forefront of pioneering new formats and groundbreaking concepts to accelerate store expansion into untapped cities while also staying ahead of evolving consumer preferences and emerging consumption trends. Going forward, KFC China will continue to offer a diverse array of innovative meal choices across price ranges, ensuring that consumers can enjoy KFC anytime and anywhere.”

Yum China operates more than 14,000 restaurants under six brands across 1,900 cities in China.

Source: QSR Webs

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