Unlocking Global Opportunities: Marketing & Selling Your Franchise

Below is an excerpt from a seminar presentation shared by Troy Franklin, Managing Partner of World Franchise Associates (WFA), at the Franchise Asia Philippines 2024 event.

In today’s interconnected marketplace, expanding internationally offers many opportunities for growth and success. However, navigating the complexities of global expansion requires careful planning and strategic execution. That’s where understanding the essentials of marketing and selling your franchise comes into play.

1. Preparing for International Expansion

Before entering the international arena, it is crucial to lay a solid foundation for success. This begins with a comprehensive development model, plan, process, and team. By mapping out your expansion strategy and assembling the right team to execute it, you set yourself up for success from the outset.

2. Marketing Your Franchise Internationally

Marketing your franchise globally requires a tailored approach that considers cultural nuances and market dynamics. Troy Franklin’s presentation highlights the importance of building an international marketing toolbox with strategies for reaching diverse audiences. Whether you promote your franchise independently or through third-party collaborations, Franklin provides valuable insights to help you navigate the international marketing landscape.

3. Selling Your Franchise Internationally

Once you’ve captured the attention of potential international partners, the next step is to seal the deal. Franklin’s presentation on selling your franchise internationally covers essential aspects such as the development process, agreements, and market entry strategies. From negotiating terms to executing a seamless entry into new markets, his expertise guides franchisors through every step of the selling process.

4. About World Franchise Associates

World Franchise Associates (WFA), a global franchise development and consulting leader, is at the heart of Troy Franklin’s presentations. With a proven track record of success spanning multiple sectors and regions, WFA is a trusted partner for franchisors seeking to expand their reach internationally. Through innovative programs and initiatives, WFA empowers brands to unlock new opportunities and achieve sustainable growth on a global scale.

In conclusion, marketing and selling your franchise internationally require careful planning, strategic execution, and the right partners by your side. With Troy Franklin’s expert guidance and the resources of World Franchise Associates, franchisors can confidently navigate the path to global expansion and unlock the full potential of their brands on the world stage.

About Troy Franklin:
Troy Franklin is a leading figure in global franchising, boasting extensive experience across 70+ countries in F&B, retail, and services. Since 2014, as Partner & Director of World Franchise Associates (WFA), he’s been instrumental in expanding the company’s reach, particularly in Asia Pacific. 

Franklin’s expertise is showcased in his seminar at Franchise Asia Philippines (12 – 14 April)  and other major franchise expos worldwide. He has shared his insights on international expansion, emphasizing preparation. His talks cover development models, marketing strategies, and selling techniques. Through Troy’s guidance, brands confidently navigate global complexities, accessing new markets and achieving sustainable growth. 

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